We support senior leadership teams and boards with the advice, analyses, and robust processes needed for business investment and expansion. We offer a broad spectrum of services including commercial advisory, management consulting, risk consulting, and corporate investment advisory. 

Most of our work is focused on businesses and corporate investment in Te Waipounamu South Island, often supporting organisations that seek to balance commercial and non-commercial objectives.

Our services

Commercial Advisory and Management Consulting

  • Senior Leadership Team decision and management support
  • Supporting corporate strategy formulation
  • Negotiating commercial agreements
  • Evaluating corporate performance
  • Corporate and business valuation
  • Financial modelling
  • Cost of capital estimation

Risk Consulting

  • Quantifying and incorporating risk and uncertainty into strategy, performance, and investments
  • Designing risk mitigation strategies for operations or significant projects (often using quantitative risk analytics (QRA))
  • Supporting insurance claims (especially around loss estimation)

Corporate Investment Advisory

  • Designing investment management frameworks and policies (especially for iwi)
  • Deal strategy and value creation planning for partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, and divestments
  • Undertaking commercial due diligence
  • Advising on capital structure (particularly for co-operatives)
  • Negotiation support

About us

Based in Te Waipounamu South Island, O’Connor Partners is a boutique advisory firm that supports senior leadership teams and boards with their strategic commercial and investment decisions. 


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